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We customize solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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Board, Executive and Investor Education

Board, Executive and Investor Education

Customized Programs and Keynote Speaking

From large conferences to single boards or smaller groups, we deliver inspiring keynotes and workshops with a complete mastery of the current, relevant corporate governance and value creation subjects, including stories and practical, best-practice recommendations.


"I just wanted to get out a quick, and big, thanks to you …  You got us kicked off very well. We are very pleased with the responses we have received back from the participants.” Bob Howell, Vail Leadership Institute Director


We also customize in-house programs for boards which encourage open and frank discussion

  • Management and board relations

  • Board structure and process

  • Corporate strategy and value creation

  • Managing key strategic risks and the balance between risk and innovation

  • Public policy and stakeholder relations: what's next


Board Evaluations

Board Evaluations
(For Boards)

“We look forward to working with you again next year.”

From design and consultation to reporting and facilitation of discussion of findings, we have been pioneers in establishing and implementing effective board evaluation processes.

  • Confidential document review and analysis

  • Confidential interviews

  • Customized questionnaires

  • Interactive facilitated discussions

  • Actionable reports


Strategic Insights and Analysis

Strategic Insights and Analysis

(For Boards, Executive Teams and Investors)


“It’s the way a company should be managed.” John B McCoy, Lead Director, AT&T


Strategic insights that drive innovative thinking and superior execution, utilizing our groundbreaking work.

  • Strategy reviews and facilitated sessions

  • Valuation Analyses – organization, product, customer, community and other stakeholders

  • Integrated Strategic, budgeting, risk and capital processes

  • Stakeholder communications

  • Value AnalyzerTM


Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

(For Boards, Executive Teams, and Investors)


“Had corporate officers used [these] techniques throughout their organizations, and investors focused on such issues, there would have been much greater rationality in the stock market with much less eventual "blood letting." Joseph Alutto, Director, Nationwide Financial Services, M/I Homes, and United Retail Group.


Integrated risk management from planning to pay and execution that promotes corporate strength and resiliency and innovative strategies.

  • Evaluation and implementation of risk processes

  • Cultural risk assessments for boards

  • Risk scorecard development

  • Strategic risk identification and monitoring



Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

(For Boards)


“I gained insights into the need for balance – and compensation with true value added.”  Nina Dixon, Director on the Boards of Cambrex and Church and Dwight.


Programs that instill alignment and accountability, and drive performance.

  • Developing a defined philosophy, with clear goals and objectives

  • Alternative designs and models with a focus on driving sustainable value-added performance

  • Management/board alignment

  • CD&A disclosure

  • Integration of risk and capital adequacy


Governance Review and Consultation

Governance Review and Consultation
(For Boards and Investors)

“I will begin work soon on the new C D & A and plan to work with the suggestions that you made.” 


From retainer arrangements to shorter assignments and reviews.
Sample issues:

  • Management and Board relations - roles and responsibilities

  • Corporate governance reviews

  • Analyzing board structure and process

  • Independent compensation program reviews including CD&A and executive compensation process and performance target reviews

  • Audit committee and risk committee materials and process reviews


Informational Resources for Boards, Executives and investors

Other Informational Resources

(For Boards, Executives and Investors)


Conversations that Build a Bridge of TrustTM

The educational video and and transcript library. Information about the library.


“The videos in this library are a must see!" Martin S. Foont, President & CEO, Globe Tax Services, Inc.


Economic Value Management Information about the book


"An authoritative guide for corporate leaders who want to break out of financial ratio boxes to build sustainable value." Alexandra R. Lajoux, Chief Knowledge Officer, National Association of Corporate Directors


Value-led Organizations Information about the book

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“It was a pleasure to work with you and more will follow.”

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"Your data added a whole new dimension - which we were looking for."

"We appreciate your help in educating members."

"First rate professional."

"I really enjoyed your sessions and I felt that your presence and positive attitude added a different dimension to the program….The participants gained a lot…. How an achieved person handles herself is a lesson in itself."

"It was a great pleasure meeting you .It is meeting people like you that makes working for our organisation rewarding."

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